Why to submit to IJRMS ?
Answer: IJRMS is an international peer reviewed, open access online journal

What is the ISSN number ?
Answer:ISSN 2455–7595

What is the publication frequency ?
Answer: IJRMS is monthly Journal. Publication frequency is 12 issues per year.

What Languages do you Accept?
Answer: We only accept papers in English Language as of now. In future we are planning amd making arrangements to accept papers in other languages aswell.

Why do you accept only English language papers, why not french or German?
Answer: As most of our reviewers are familiar with english language we accept papers in English only.

When should we submit our papers?
Answer: Authors can submit the manuscripts at anytime. It will be published in coming issue, if accepted.

How many authors are allowed per paper?
Answer: Maximum of Four authors are allowed per paper.